Jenny Peel has spent over two decades designing many different types of databases for many different types of organisations. Below is just a sample of the many different databases Jenny Peel can provide


A number of medical databases for major hospitals. These have included patient management systems for various departments including rehabilitation, respiratory, hospital in the home, sleep clinics, research, gastroenterology, interpreters, etc.

Some have involved booking systems, most have involved extensive reporting requirements and documentation such as discharge summaries and letters.  Some have involved the importing of data from other systems.


Costing and Quotation databases for tradesmen.

Mortgage Brokers

Client management databases which initially involved data migration from approx. 10 sources and creating a multi-layer data entry system, extensive reporting including sales and commission reports, graphs, referral reports and many others. Also client documentation/labels/letters.

Insurance Brokers

Large complex reporting databases including reports on claims, premiums, renewals due and many others.

Also small databases for inputting information from clients over the phone that will generate an immediate figure to be quoted for the insurance required. Internal and external quotation documents are then generated with a click.


A Council database to manage capital works and OH & S.


Includes extensive automatic generation of documentation such as faxes, labels, quotations for retail and trade clients, order confirmations and also extensive sales reporting and client listings.

Building Inspectors

Project management system for a Building Inspector which also generates extensive list of letters, certificates and inspection reports. Also exports text files for government departments.

Arts Organisations, Clubs, Sporting and Professional Bodies

Membership databases.  These includes extensive reporting features, automatic generation of documentation such as faxes, labels, client listings. One yachting club database calculated handicaps for next regatta. Membership databases also typically record membership fees, generate renewal letters etc.


A Database for a major University's Solicitors Office to record details of all new matters and provide statistical reports to Vice-President.


Quite complex truck certification documents generated with 100 variations of content depending on complex data in the database relating to each truck.

Property and Facility Asset Management

Extensive auditing data to identify defects or environmental issues or disability issues for sites/buildings.  Various reports creating relating to compliance, defects, environmental issues, etc.  Set up to also import data from various Excel files.


Several small databases for importing csv files regarding donations for not-for-profit organisations.  Then various reports can be run to determine any missing data, follow-ups required, amount donated, etc.


Database set up to record all student enrolment and course data including fees and payments.  Lots of management data including Safety Management, Compliance Risk Management, Resources Register, Document templates, Staff details, etc.  Also set up for the importing of data from a website and from Excel spreadsheets.  Generates a very extensive list of reporting for the business and for govt. requirements.  Student certification documentation is also generated.

Project Management

Database set up to primarily control labour scheduling and labour projections on large projects.  Essential to the daily running of their large building projects.  Various reporting including Projects won/lost, employee leave summaries, labour projections over a quarter or year, listings of projects and contacts.

Disability Services

Disability service database managing clients and their extensive and varied requirements in preparation for the National Disability Service program commencement.  Over 40 reports detailing such varied purposes as Funds Management reports, Staff reports, Client Listings for particular supports/activities etc.


Structural building engineering database to record data on all jobs.  This includes all basic job data, staff contacts, details of all soil/engineering/forensic/site reports and inspections.  Various reporting such as Daily schedules, Active jobs, Follow-up required, Turnaround times etc.


Architectural project costing database.  Most of the data for this database is brought across from MYOB so that quite complex project costing reports can be generated.


Various customer and job management databases.


Imported MYOB data into an Access database to generate complex Time Billing, Daily Revenue and Profit/Loss monthly reports.


Client and Investment Project management database.  Reporting includes various Project reports, Investor reports, Referrer report, Register of Trustee documentation, etc.


A small database for a project home builder recording details of all types of homes and the jobs and land.  Reports that display a matrix of combined house and land prices for each type of house that that fits within the land on each site within the project/job.

Not for-Profit Organisations

Various databases for charity organisations such as a Volunteers database to track and manage volunteers and provide reporting for the organisation and govt. bodies.

Human Resources

Several employment agency databases to operate all aspects of the daily running of the business.  Data is also imported from their website into the database e.g. to bring in new prospective client data.

Home Businesses

Examples are:  consultant invoicing databases, general CRM databases, student management databases for a small dance class business for children, Orders/stock inventory databases, and many others.

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